Rosemarie Eichinger & Thomas Kriebaum

Daredevil Theophil

Theophil Ringelblum doesn’t like excitement or adventure. It involves tearing your trousers, scraping your knees, getting bumps, ticks or other unpleasantries.
Theophil is neither a lively boy nor a hero. He loves to sit still, read or play on the computer.

When his parents tell him that he is to spend the holidays with grandfather Waldemar, his joy is rather restrained. Sure, he likes his grandfather, but Waldemar used to be a circus performer and is therefore stuffed to the brim with energy and adventurousness. Being with him means a lot of hullabaloo, a lot of excitement and a fight against the forces of nature.

And when Theophil discovers a hidden door behind the wardrobe at his grandfather’s house, the adventure begins ….

Rosemarie Eichinger tells the story of dark secrets and the great adventures Teophil has with grandfather Waldemar in her usual amusing and exciting way. Thomas Kriebaum has captured the two of them and the grandfather’s gang with loving drawings.


Children’s Fiction

Original title: Der tollkühne Theophil
Age 7+
160 pp | € 16
trade pb | 135 x 204 mm
Publication: July 2023

Author: Rosemarie Eichinger
Illustrator: Thomas Kriebaum

All rights available


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