Hanna Jansen, Leonard Erlbruch

Bottom in the Hay

A story about arriving in a new home

When Jakob moved to the countryside in the summer, he thought everything was stupid. Life as a threesome with his mother’s boyfriend Hannes, the villagers, their dogs, the smell – just everything. But then Pia turned up and showed him how cool it is to be a kid in the country!

Everything would be fine, if only it weren’t for school. Every morning Jakob waits for the bus with a queasy feeling, because his class mate Max makes life difficult for him. And when his mum suddenly starts acting strangely and obviously hides something from him, Jakob is in a pretty bad way.

But luckily he has Pia, with whom he is happy about the winter. It brings snow, brings the big and small peopke of the village together – and has a few real surprises in store for Jakob! And a very
special Christmas …

Peter Hammer Verlag

Children’s Fiction

Original title: Stroh unterm Po

Age 6+
136 pp | € 14,00
hc | 150 x 230 mm
Publication: 2022

Author: Hanna Jansen,
Illustrator: Leonard Erlbruch

All rights available


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