With the Mutton Carrot in the Stone Age Mit der Hammelmöhre

On their way home from school, Mette and her cousin Theo discover a secret garden. This is where Alma lives, an old woman who cultivates the archetypal plants of many different vegetables. But a burglar has vandalized the garden. Now her archetypal plants are lost forever! Mette and Theo want to help Alma recover the seeds of her primordial plants. But to do so they have to travel back in time; to the era in which people ate the vegetable for the first time.

With the magic tulip tree in Alma’s garden, brave Mette travels as far back as the Stone Age! This is where she meets Ela, a girl that takes Mette to her village. Suddenly arrows are flying around Mette’s head and she has to flee from a dangerous cave bear! Will she manage to find the seeds and travel back to Alma’s garden?

by Birgit Hedemann & Maria Ernicke

Südpol Verlag | hc | 92 pp with 41 b&w illustrations | 2015 | 7+

All rights available

[original title: Almas geheimer Garten – Mit der Hammelmöhre in die Steinzeit]