In Pursuit of the Numbers through the Labyrinth Magisches Minus

All numbers have disappeared from the wizard’s school Abracadabra! From everywhere! From the classrooms, from the books and even out of the pupils’ heads. Teaching is impossible: the magic spells no longer work, the cook cannot read her recipes, no pupil can find the right classroom and how are pupils supposed to open their books on the right page?! Marlon, Clarissa, Elmar and the other pupils of the second wizards’ class find the wild chaos funny to begin with. But the children soon discover that numbers are rather useful. At what time should the children fly home? No idea! Buying a certain number of sweets at the school kiosk? Impossible! And what is a wizard with not a single magic spell that works?

Marlon, Clarissa and Elmar must recover the numbers! The trio discovers that the Magic Minus is behind the chaos: a small animal that has snapped up all the numbers and taken them into the labyrinth underneath the school. But the children have to solve a few mysterious riddles before they are able to retrieve the numbers.

by Ina Krabbe

Südpol Verlag | hc | 128 pp with 55 b&w illustrations | 2015 | 8+

Rights sold: Korean, Turkish

[original title: Das magische Minus. Zahlenjagd im Labyrinth]