Lars Meyer

After Dawn - The Wandering City


“How are we going to free them? How are we even supposed to get into the city? And how can a whole city wander?”

A major earthquake in the Grounders’ underground realm allows Ember and Devan to escape to the surface. At last, Ember is getting closer to her goal: to free her family, who have been captured by alien soldiers – as labour for the Dawn Empire’s wandering city. The trail of the steel colossus is unmistakable, ravaging and uprooting, crushing everything in its path. The few entrances to the interior are heavily guarded. To get past them, Ember and Devan must risk everything, for there is no turning back for them.

But this is only the beginning, for the world inside the wandering colossus is beyond anything Ember could ever have imagined …

Südpol Verlag

Young Adult Fiction

Original title: After Dawn – Die wandernde Stadt
Age 12+
368 pp | € 20
hc | 148 x 205 mm
Publication: March 2023

Author: Lars Meyer

All rights available


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Volume 1