The Magic Minus

In Pursuit of the Numbers through the Labyrinth Magisches Minus

by Ina Krabbe

All numbers have disappeared from the wizard’s school Abracadabra! From everywhere! From the classrooms, from the books and even out of the pupils’ heads. Teaching is impossible: the magic spells no longer work, the cook cannot read her recipes, no pupil can find the right classroom and how are pupils supposed to open their books on the right page?! Marlon, Clarissa, Elmar and the other pupils of the second wizards’ class find the wild chaos funny to begin with. But the children soon discover that numbers are rather useful. At what time should the children fly home? No idea! Buying a certain number of sweets at the school kiosk? Impossible! And what is a wizard with not a single magic spell that works?

Marlon, Clarissa and Elmar must recover the numbers! The trio discovers that the Magic Minus is behind the chaos: a small animal that has snapped up all the numbers and taken them into the labyrinth underneath the school. But the children have to solve a few mysterious riddles before they are able to retrieve the numbers.

Südpol Verlag | hc | 128 pp with 55 b&w illustrations | Feb 2015 | 8+

Rights sold: Korean, Turkish

[original title: Das magische Minus. Zahlenjagd im Labyrinth]

Make Way for Oswald! Desperately Seeking Santa

by Ina Krabbe  Bahn frei für Oswald

A fast-paced Christmas adventure about false Santas and flying reindeer

Marek is angry! His mother is in New York, his uncle in the mountains and he is supposed to celebrate Christmas with his grandma. But then the freshly hewn Christmas tree turns out to be reindeer Oswald and Marek has got his work cut out for him: Oswald needs to return to Santa! But that is far from easy, because the reindeer has not been back to Earth for more than 100 years. And so it happens that Oswald, Marek and grandma Lotti drift from one disaster into the next …

This is huge fun! – Schmitz Junior

A funny Christmas adventure – Fritzi Family Magazine

A brilliant Christmas book for the young and old alike – Leseratten

One of the most original, touching, funniest and unsentimental Christmas stories that I have ever read. – – Astrid van Nahl

Südpol Verlag | hc | 128 pp | 44 b&w illustrations | Oct 2014 | 8+

All rights available

[original title: Bahn frei für Oswald!]


iX-Mission Scrapyard

by Ina Krabbe   iX Mission Schrottplatz

A brilliant story about two boys, their friendship and the power of the imagination.
Milo and Jannis accidentally witness an assault on old Geronimo in his scrapyard. Before Geronimo lapses into a coma, he asks the boys to look after iX and the others. But who on earth is iX? And who are the others? With the help of a butterfly and a good deal of courage the boys manage to uncover old Geronimo’s incredible secret and his curious metal beings whose lifeblood is storytelling.
When they find out that the scrapyard is supposed to be razed to the ground, Milo and Jannis concoct a daring plan to save the robots—a gripping read is guaranteed!

Südpol Verlag | hc | 200 pp | with b&w illustrations | 2014 | 9-11 yrs

Rights sold: Turkish

[original title: iX Mission Schrottplatz]

Ina Krabbe

Ina Krabbe was born in Bremen in 1967. She studied history, philosophy, economics and architecture and worked in a book shop and a PR agency before she started doing what she had always liked best. drawing and writing.. She lives and works in a small village near Bremen with her wife, children and three chickens.
Bahn frei für Oswald magisches_Mal_titel_3D-3e5b5bb8iX Mission SchrottplatzTitus Rattlebag

The Magic Times Table

Chaos at the Wizards’ School  magisches_Mal_titel_3D-3e5b5bb8

by Ina Krabbe

Clarissa, Marlon and Elmar have to learn the multiplication table spells. Sheer horror—for Marlon in particular until he finds an old stone tablet in the school library at Castle Adracabadra. This stone tablet releases a mysterious amplifying spell and causes utter confusion at the school. The class rooms are swarming with mini pigs, owls, bats and squibs. Tremendous fun! – until professor Moscare and doctor Darkman turn up to close the wizards’ school!

But how can the magical stone tablet be stopped? And what does professor Grimbaldi, the school’s director, have to do with all of this? The three friends are doing their utmost to solve the mystery and save Castle Adracabadra. Time is running out!

Math fun at its best! – Westfalen-Blatt

Harry Potter meets the multiplication table. […] An educationally brilliant idea that will not only satisfy parents. – Die kleine Leselampe

Südpol Verlag | hc | 128 pp | 138 x 205 mm | with 55 b&w illustrations | March 2014 | 7+

Rights sold: Korean, Turkish

[original title: Das magische Mal]

Titus Rattlebag

by Ina Krabbe  Titus_1_titel_3D_rgb-1bfab69d

It is rather special that Titus has two mothers. Not many can say that. And it may also be something special that he has a cat called goalkeeper. But the really special thing about Titus is that he is an inventor.

An invention can be very handy when you happen to be stuck with a problem. Like the situation with the trojan smelly ball. Titus invented that because Mr. Viper refused to give them back their footballs. And when Mr. Globe loses his lucky charm in the lake, Titus has his brilliant idea with the underwater-telescope. Incredible, what you can discover with that …

A brilliant book – wether to read yourself or to read out loud – Westfalen-Blatt

The book gives young readers new (crazy!) ideas and stimulates the imagination. – his & her books

Südpol Verlag | hc | 80 pp | 148 x 210 mm | 7+

Rights sold: Italian, Turkish

[original title: Die Erfindungen des Titus Knatterberg. Der trojanische Stinkeball. Das Unterwasserfernrohr]