by Michaela Holzinger & Monika Maslowska drachen_kuesst_man_nicht

Castle Cracklestone is the centre of knight’s tournaments, the reward: a kiss of the bright and beautiful princess Kunigunde. But she really doesn’t fancy the rickety knights and secretly has her heart set on somebody else. There comes Jaromir, the dragon, and wants to be kissed. Kunigunde is outraged which leads to her being cursed by the furious Jaromir. Nevertheless, Kunigunde brings up all her courage to visit the cave of the dragon and discovers something astonishing: Jaromir simply is a very lonely dragon. Find out how the most outrageous creatures of the country can help her get rid of the curse and which secret Kunigunde is hiding …

Obelisk | hc | 64 pp | 164 x 246 m | 7+

Rights sold: Turkish

All other rights available except for Chinese, Korean and Italian language rights

[original title: Drachen küsst man nicht]