Finn-Ole Heinrich & Dita Zipfel & Tine Schulz

Turnips and Fireworks

Of course: When the old year is as worn out as Bosco’s super-wolly pyjamas, a new one is needed. And the Turnip family has a tried and tested ritual for the turn of the year: They saddle up Olga the donkey and wander through the night while bawling out songs. The smell of flares and rockets is already tingling in their stomachs. First, they play a round of Legoballa and throw away everything that absolutely has to stay in the old year. Then it’s off to the forest to the elder witches, where they bury biscuits in the night and light a glow.

A New Year’s Eve for everyone who has ever been four years old – drawn by Tine Schulz. Great fun with the Turnip-family and a real rocket of a book.

After Sleeping like Turnips (Schlafen wie die Rüben) and Bosco Turnip Races through the Year (Bosco Rübe rast durchs Jahr) this is the third part of the series about the Turnip family.

Mairisch Verlag

Picture Book

Original title: Rüben und Raketen. Eine ökkelige Silvestergeschichte
Age 4+
32 pp | € 17
hc | 195 x 260 mm
Publication: September 2023

Author: Dita Zipfel & Finn-Ole Heinrich 
Illustrator: Tine Schulz

All rights available, excl. Portuguese & Spanish


“The art of author Dita Zipfel and her co-author and life partner Finn-Ole Heinrich is not only to take children’s logic seriously – but also to subject themselves to it again and again in language, dramaturgy and narrative emotion. It’s as if the two of them surrender their adult selves while writing. This is not only a great pleasure for the audience. [Turnips and Fireworks]  is a firework of a book.” – Tobias Becker, SPIEGEL

“Tine Schulz illustrates the story with lively, cheerful lines. A book for children from the age of four that succeeds in making a small episode big – and ideally inspires families to find ideas for their own family traditions.” – Nürnberger Nachrichten

“A crazy book from front to back about funny New Year’s Eve traditions that makes you want to say goodbye to the old year and look forward to a new year full of dreams and new possibilities.” – Family magazine LIBELLE

“Once again an imaginative and loving linguistic firework, accompanied by hilariously lively pictures – reading fun for the whole family!” – Jana Kühn, BÜCHER

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