A stowaway in the apartment building

Grounded for four weeks for a warning letter from the school! What is he supposed to do with himself, wonders Roderich. He‘s not even allowed to go to his football training. But then he hears strange noises from behind the wall inside the elevator.—a ghost? Suddenly frightened, Roderich drops his football and leaves it inside the elevator, only for the ghost to take it.

The ghost turns out to be 11-year-old Rille, who claims to have been living in the house‘s old air shafts forever. From then on, Roderich‘s  house arrest isn‘t boring at all, because Rille is looking for her father and all she knows is that he lives in the apartment building. How lucky that the old house has huge air shafts through which Rille can witness and share the residents‘ lives and thus get closer and closer to her father …

Original and profound—Maike Siebold tells the story of an unusual family reunion in a fascinating setting: Rille uses the air shafts that lead through the old house like traffic routess to take a close look at the lives of the residents. By doing so she not only uncovers her family secret, but together with Roderich also helps tenants with some of their problems.

by Maike Siebold


Südpol Verlag | hc | 176 pp | 148 x 205 mm | 2020 | 8+

All rights available


[original title: Rille aus dem Luftschacht]