Alexandra Prischedko

One Way and Another

So und anders

In this special picture book on diversity and open-mindedness in one’s own experience and actions we encounter fantastic animal images from the underwater world. Masterly precision characterises the splendid and poetic pictures. They offer everything that illustration has over a photograph.

A single clownfish in the multitude of male conspecifics undergoes a transformation. During this time of transition, other sea dwellers appear that also combine surprisingly different, opposing or even contradictory characteristics.

Getting to know this diversity and experiencing it as normal makes openness a matter of course, something readers and viewers can relate to themselves.

In the interplay with succinct non-fiction texts on unusual sea creatures and simple philosophical-lyrical questions on various aspects of versatility and changeability, biological knowledge is conveyed in a playful manner, curiosity is aroused and the reader encouraged to think ahead.

Edition Bracklo

Non-fiction Picture Book

Original title: So und anders
Age 5+
32 pp | € 19.90
hc | 195 x 265 mm
Publication: October 2023

Author & Illustrator: Alexandra Prischedko

All rights available


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