Lua feels so alone since her father‘s heart has stopped beating. One day she finds a magic marble that shows her the way to a circus. When she enters this magical world and looks behind the life of the circus’ artists, she finds a way to get closer to her father‘s memory. He had given her a book about this very circus and they had looked at the pictures together for hours … Alexandra Helmig writes a heart-warming story about Lua and how she finds her place in the world.

by Alexandra Helmig & Anemone Kloos


  • A serious subject poetically packaged: the subject of death/mourning is transferred to a magical circus world and thus gains a childlike lightness
  • Heartwarming friendship across two generations
  • Setting in a magical circus world and a story that appeals to girls and boys alike

Mixtvision | hc | 217 pp | 9+

All rights available 


[original German title: Lua und die Zaubermurmel]