Friendship also works without many words

Bunny has very special ears: They are beautiful, long and soft! But: he can‘t hear with them …

He would love to build a hut in the forest with his friends. He had already enjoyed it so much in his dream.

And they are all there: Fox, Squirrel, Hedgehog and Mouse. But when they say something to him, Bunny doesn‘t understand a thing. His ears are just different. And so he keeps asking “What did you say?“

He nevertheless understands what they mean, because they hug him, give him a present, or a kiss on the cheek. And together they finally build a fine hut out of branches and leaves. When they lie down to sleep in their hut, Fox begins to snore awfully loud … It‘s a good thing that Bunny can‘t hear anything!

by Gitte Spee & Bernadette Vermeij

Moritz Verlag | hc | 32 pp | 249 x 215 mm | 2021 | 5+

All rights available, except Dutch


[original German title: Wir bauen eine Hütte]