Sascha Reh & Adrian Wylezol

How We Once Kidnapped Dirk Nowitzki

Thirteen-year-old Billie is a huge fan of Dirk Nowitzki. Together with her friends, she is looking for a training place to emulate her idol. The four “Mavericks” have already torn up the backyard, and the bullies in the public square are severely lacking in fair play. The Mavericks’ last hope is the legendary basketball court in the hangar of the old military airport. It belongs to real estate sharks who want to turn the abandoned building into a shopping centre. But together with the caretaker, the Mavericks secretly set up a training camp there for the whole neighbourhood – until the real estate sharks pull the plug on them. Now only one person can save the project: Dirk Nowitzki, who comes to town for an autograph session. Small problem, however: how do you get the attention of a superstar? How We Once Kidnapped Dirk Nowitzki is an homage to basketball and life’s greatest adventure: to have dreams, as quirky as it is lovingly told.

Karl Rauch Verlag

Graphic Novel

Original title: Wie wir einmal Dirk Nowitzki entführten
Age 10+
80 pp | € 24
trade pb | 200 x 280 mm
Publication: Feb 2023

Author: Sascha Reh
Illustrator: Adrian Wylezol

All rights available


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