Anna Marshall

Cloud Button

What is it like to arrive in a country where you don’t understand the language?

Liah and her mother have come from a faraway country. The foreign language intimidates Liah, it sounds to her as if many pebbles were falling onto the floor; one after the other.

When Liah is given a button in the shape of a cloud, it suddenly allows her to see her home – grandma and grandpa, her cats and even the neighbourhood children! Whenever Liah feels alone, she looks through the cloud button. She only goes outside to the playground when no one else is around and she doesn’t have to hear any pebble words.

When Liah hides in the playhouse, other children suddenly come into the playground and a girl climbs into the playhouse with Liah. Although Kitty and Liah don’t speak the same language, they become friends and Liah learns her first words in the new language – cat and friend. And the more words she understands, the more the foreign country feels like a new home to Liah.

Südpol Verlag

Picture Book

Original title: Wolkenknopf
Age 4+
32 pp | € 16
hc | 220 x 310 mm
Publication: Feb 2023

Author & Illustrator: Anna Marshall

All rights available


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