Eric Schwarz

A Little Bit of Freedom

Even if it looks like a holiday: The two twin brothers and their two best friends are rather on the run. From commitment, from feelings, from growing up, above all from themselves. But the escape is only a temporary one and the thought of returning creates a sense of urgency from the start. Only one of the twins seems to remain relaxed. On the first drunken night, he prophesies to his brother that he has found a way to escape without ever having to return.

Eric Schwarz has placed  his graphic novel A Little Bit of Freedom where the summers are no longer endless and life weighs heavier than it used to. He explores the blurred boundaries between brotherhood and friendship, friendship and love, love and violence in lightly thrown drawings and concise texts. And the feeling of strangeness in one’s own life.


Graphic Novel

Original title: Ein bisschen Freiheit
336 pp | € 28
trade paperback
150 x 200 mm
Publication: April 2023

Author & Illustrator: Eric Schwarz

All rights available


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