What Races Past so Fast?

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by Thomas Müller  Was braust website

No less than 33 different vehicles are racing past the reader in this funny board book. A bicycle, a fire engine, a taxi, a digger, a snowplow, a coach, a police car, a limousine, a gangster car, a delivery van, a motorbike with a side car, a fuel tanker … you name it! – they are all part of this crazy race … But where are they going? Can you guess what will finally make them stop? I’ll tell you this much: it’s yet another vehicle!
A tremendously entertaining board book for the youngest. The nostalgic looking vehicles will not just amuse the children, but mum and dad alike. A refreshingly different take on the many books on vehicles that are published every year. There are lots of things to point out and to marvel at. The clever ending is bound to have the children insist on innumerous repetitions of the race.
  • White Raven 2014
  • Winner of the Leipzig Reading Compass 2014
  • Recommended by Stiftung Lesung
Quite simply THE book on vehicles! – the jury

 Moritz Verlag | board | 32 pp | 218 x 178 mm | August 2013 | 2+

Rights sold: Danish, Faroese, French, Icelandic, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish

[original title: Was braust so schnell vorbei?]

The Tractor and the Donkey

Regular co-edition printingsTraktor und Esel_080115

by Thomas Müller

The tractor and the donkey are having a contest: which of them is the fastest and will be the first to reach the seaside?

They set off; each determined to win the race. Both encounter various delays and obstacles along the way. Whilst the donkey has to hide and run from the wolf, the tractor is increasingly frustrated with engine problems. Both the tractor and the donkey ultimately wish for the other one to be there—is this the end of their contest? Join their race and find out!

Moritz Verlag | board book | 34 pp | 218 x 178 mm | Autumn 2015 | 2+

Rights sold: Swedish

[original title: Der Traktor und der Esel]