by Uwe Becker   Zipfelmaus_2_titel_3D_rgb-b7058d74

Holidays at last! Sam Stripe is looking forward to some quiet and relaxing days in Mrs. Beehive’s garden. But just then uncle Benn, officiating church mouse at St. Pistor, needs help: a mysterious gold scraper is scraping the gold off the picture frames and figurines at the church.

And so Sam Stripe, his friends the bat Shakira, bumblebee Fiffi and Fatspider hurl themselves into yet another hair-raising adventure.

 … even better than the first volume. – Alliterus

An extremely humorous book—not just for young readers. – his & her books

Südpol Verlag | hc | 256 pp | 160 x 220 mm | with 55 b&w illustrations by Ina Krabbe | Oct 2013 | 8+

All rights available 

[original title: Zipfelmaus und der geheimnisvolle Goldkratzer]