by Saskia Hula & Susanne Göhlich Frau Hasenohr

Noah’s teacher, Mrs. Hasenohr, is perfect. She loves planet ball and pizza slices and knows nearly everything. Noah doesn’t understand why she is about to retire. He must give her a farewell gift, preferably … a memorial. But Noah is not a sculptor and he doesn’t have enough play dough—it would just be enough to make a guinea pig. Valerie’s redecorated mannequin doesn’t look impressive either. When Noah and Valerie find themselves disheartened in the schoolyard, the solution literally falls into their lap—and turns out to be a huge success!

Obelisk | hc | 80 pp | 135 x 203 mm | Feb 2016 | 8+

All rights available except for Chinese, Korean, Italian and Turkish rights

[original title: Ein Denkmal für Frau Hasenohr]