If you had been born

in another land,

you could be white,

you could be black…

The colour of our skin, our languages, food, clothes, games … it could all be different if we had been in another place. Some things would be better, others worse, but what is for sure is that we are all human beings with common feelings and needs, no one is immune to unfortunate turns of events. That’s why standing by the ones who are suffering misfortune in any of its forms should be the priority of everyone.

This simple reflection in verse about the human condition, addressed to children and adults, is an emotive homage to all of those people who have had to abandon their homes against their wishes.

by Ignasi Blanch & Joana Raspall

Takatuka | hc | 32 pp | 215 x 260 mm | 2017 | 6+

Rights sold: Korean, Portuguese


[original title: Podries | Prodrias]