Zwei die sich lieben

It is difficult to say what love is. But this much is clear: it is something to do with kissing or so.

Two in Love is a little gift book for all those who contemplate love. Wondering who wants to kiss whom and who may or even should do so. Wondering about the before and after. The longing, finding, enjoyment and saying goodbye.

Wolf Erlbruch has always been interested in these things and now delights us with many pictures of marvellous couples. Jürg Schubiger now has – to his apparent enjoyment – found verses to accompany Erlbruch’s pictures. Together they convey a very optimistic view: overall, love is beautiful rather than difficult. And so is kissing anyway.

by Wolf Erlbruch & Jürg Schubiger  


“Schubiger’s texts embrace the images. Together, these cabinet pieces interspersed with subtle irony enrich the genre of “love poems”. A booklet to look at, read aloud, enjoy and give as a gift.” – SIKJM, Schweizerisches Institut für Kinder- und Jugendmedien


“The ideal present.” – Westdeutsche Zeitung


“A picture book about love, about very unequal or unexpected couples, about searching, longing, finding and also saying goodbye. Verses that warm the heart, pictures that are more than illustrations – all together a slender volume of splendour not only for spring.” –


“Of course, we all know that love is a heavenly power – just as much as what belongs together finds 0ne another, however great the differences may be, however insurmountable the circumstances may seem. That is how it is. Wolf Erlbruch demonstrates this to the point of us falling in love in his pictures, in which the fox courts the goose, dog and cat are in silent agreement, dachshund and goldfish cannot separate even glass and water […]. Jürg Schubiger has congenially empathised with these subjects and given them language. He has succeeded so beautifully that my heart leaps from text to text, from picture to picture.” –

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc with half-cloth binding| 48 pp | 16 x 21 cm | 2012

Rights sold: Chinese (complex & simplified), French, Frisian, Italian, Korean, Spanish


[original title: Zwei, die sich lieben]