Tilda und der Duft der WeltTilda’s nose tells her what she likes or doesn’t like. Tilda loves the smell of her dad. He smells of wood and soil and a little like nutmeg.

Since their father doesn’t live with them any longer, Tilda and her younger brother Hans can only visit him from time to time. Tilda always immediately opens the windows, because he always forgets to air his flat. Everything is different at dad’s anyway. They are allowed to flood the bathroom when taking a bath and when Hans falls asleep on the sofa, dad simply carries him into bed, without brushing his teeth. He bakes 15 pancakes and invents funny games.

But mum just wants to know if he still doesn’t shave and if he’s fallen asleep in front of the TV again. One day, they are not allowed to visit dad any longer. Hans is so angry that he locks himself in the garden shed and the adults finally comprehend that the children will not accept everything.

by Karin Koch & Iris Wolfermann 

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 48 pp | 2015 | 6+

All rights available

[original title: Tilda und der Duft der Welt]