Ten tykes – full of beans

Finger rhymes are meant to introduce some form of order within the bustle of seemingly endless shorter and longer tiny fingers. There is not one child that doesn’t love finger rhymes! Rhyming and playing is an excellent combination.

The gang of five sets out as is customary in finger rhymes: all five fingers are given names and a particular characteristic. But this is not where things end for Yvonne Hergane.

Each hero from the gang of five discovers a cheeky look-alike and the nice order turns into a great scramble. A few pages of this tumultuous board book are needed before the right and the left hand remember the advantages of friendly co-operation. Until then there is a lot to see, because Christiane Pieper has furnished her fidgety finger puppets with funny details, facial expressions and gestures.

by Christiane Pieper & Yvonne Hergane


The Gang of Five can not only write funny poetry, they also run into the other hand … First there’s a fight, then High Five – great fun!” – ELTERN


“Yvonne Hergane has come up with a rhymed story with lots of action that is wonderful to act out. The actors all bring it: ten fingers, five on each hand.” –
Andrea Wanner / Titel Kulturmagazin


“These cool tots have nothing much in common with Himpelchen and Pimpelchen. But it’s fun to watch them and act out their actions. The clever rhymes in combination with their lively pictures stick in the memory, and the basic idea: ‘Together we are strong’ is understood even by the youngest children.” – Barbara Blasum / hoppsala.de


“Clever rhymes and funny pictures make for an all-round picture book fun.” – Kunstwerkstatt MALKASTL


“This book makes children’s hearts glow and brings a smile to every face – even parents’! A wonderful story, told with a great deal of wit and the best sense for cheerful drawings.” – Ploxxo Kindermedien


“Toddlers immediately take a liking to the book, wanting to have it read to them over and over again. But the book also invites them to act it out with their own hands – even when you don’t have it with you for once.” – Janetts Meinung & Bücherkarussell

Peter Hammer Verlag | board | 26 pp | 230 x 176 mm | 2015 | 2+

Rights sold: Catalan, Chinese (simpl.) & Spanish


[original title: Die Fünferbande]