The girl on the book was me

A middle grade novel about the power of language and literature

When Lama’s mother leaves for Morocco to trace her roots, the eleven-year-old girl feels abandoned. Even more so because her best friend has also moved away. If that hadn’t been the case, the stupid thing wouldn’t have happened. And now no one in Lama’s class wants to have anything to do with her anymore. She turns into the most unhappy girl in the world. And neither her father, nor her little brother Bali or her cool writer uncle Safran can do anything to change that.

But then she finds an old book in the street, with a girl on the cover who looks amazingly very much like her. It’s Irmgard Keun’s novel Grown-ups Don’t Understand. This book and the strange boy from next door help her to gain a new perspective on the situation. Lama takes courage and makes a bold plan to bring her mother home!

Andrea Karimé turns the reading of the book into the driving force behind the action. Her heroine, sensitive to the sound and imagery of language, finds more than comfort here: the book becomes a means of realisation for her and a motor for her own action.

by Andrea Karimé

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc |128 pp | 145 x 222 mm | 2021 | 10+

All rights available


[original title: Sterne im Kopf und ein unglaublicher Plan]