Speed of LightWith a father more interested in money than family, a brother in prison, a sister with a secret, and a mother in denial, it’s no wonder Jeff buries himself in the safe world of mathematics.

When a storm hits Wellington, a strange old woman is blown into Jeff’s life, challenging everything he thinks is true.

by Joy Cowley

“A high-drama read, full of twists.” – Weekend Herald (NZ)

“Sometimes families need rescuing from themselves. This is true of teenager Jeff’s family … it is drama of the highest level.” – Bob’s Books Blog (NZ)

“This a beautiful and humbling story of a teen coping, understanding the strengths and weaknesses in those around him, and ultimately a story about redemption and the ability to be better.” – Page and Blackmore (NZ)

Gecko Press | children’s fiction | pb | 208 pp | 2014 | 11+

Rights sold: Chinese (complex), Korean