When bus driver Ben Brause wants to start his bus on Monday morning, an  unusual passenger comes running at the last moment: It is a dung beetle who rolls a huge dung ball in front of him and actually heaves the stinking thing into the bus.

There are complaints about the smell immediately, although this is the finest dung ball that he has ever rolled, explains the beetle. And it is also the most important one, as it is a conciliation gift for his offended wife. And now he is in a great hurry to get to his wife to stop her from packing up her stuff and disappearing forever. But then lots of crazy things happen and the dung beetle’s plan is jeopardised.

Dorota Wünsch’s exceptional illustrations have placed Bettina Gundermann’s story with her comical characters and crazy ideas fittingly in the limelight.

by Dorota Wünsch & Bettina Grundermann


“A dung beetle to fall in love with. […] Most delicious absurd theatre. […]. If Gundermann’s text is already a source of hilarious delight in its affectionate caricature of the grown-ups’ peculiarities, the illustrations by Dorota Wünsch turn the picture book into a sight to behold. They sparkle with wit and literally vibrate in their dynamics. […] Simply delightful!” – eselsohr, March 2019


“… hilarious and profound at the same time. It tells of marriage and reconciliation, it tells of grumpy people and tender love. And somewhere in between, it shows that even in the greatest hurry maybe you ought to just pause and let luck happen. A wonderful book – for all kids and adults.” – jeanetts-meinung.de

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 24 pp | 300 x 230 mm | 2019 | 4+

All rights available


[original title: Glück gehabt, Mistkäfer!]