Fleech, the leech, is no ordinary bloodsucker. On the contrary, he conscientiously pursues his work at a veterinary practice. He does his gymnastic exercises in the mornings, treats patients in the afternoon and takes care of the river sand at the bottom of his jar in the evenings. He is aware that much depends on him and his work.

And because of this he doesn‘t understand why he suddenly has to share his homely jar with the weedy Looch.

Of course, Fleech does not yet know about the huge dog patient and has no idea how uncomfortable it can be outside his lovely home …

As a different kind of therapy animal, Nele Brönner allows her leech to undergo an aggregate metamorphosis: sometimes heavy like a thick drop of tar dangling from the glass’s lid, sometimes bloated with blood like a bouncy ball, then chapped, hardened and tattered. Nele Brönner shows that leeches can do more than cause disgust in viewers, victims and patients alike.

by Nele Brönner


  • One of the Most Beautiful German Books 2019 (Stiftung Buchkunst)

“Hysterically funny, creative, fun for big and small. […] a truly original book for everyone from three years of age.” – buuu.ch

“A classic picture book topic in a bizarre setting, staged in an unusual way: double-sided prints show zoom perspectives in bright neon colours. And there is a lot of dynamic and even more humour in this intoxicating story about daily routine and otherness.” – Schweizerisches Institut für Kinder– und Jugendmedien

“Apart from the actual story, this book also plays homage to the hidden beauties of nature’s seemingly neglected creatures.” – from the jury statement of the Stiftung Buchkunst

Luftschacht | hc | 32 pp | 190 x 250 mm | 2018 | 3+

All rights available

[original title: Begel, der Egel]