Cosmos WeltMy name is Cosmo—Cosmo Morningstar and I am ten years old and a bit, as my friend Rafi would say. Rafi’s real name is Rafaelo, he is Italian and has about 150 Sicilian cousins. My favourite word is “cool”. Since we started learning English at school, Rafi and I try to use as many English words as possible. We think that’s cool. And these are my stories from the last year. I have written them down exactly as they happened. That’s why they are not always dead straight like a ruler. But stories aren’t rulers by a long shot, are they?

The ultimate reading fun for boys!

by Martina Klein & Corinna Böckmann

Südpol Verlag | hc | 128 pp | b&w illustrations | 2014 | 8+

Rights sold: Turkish

[original title: Cosmo und seine Welt]