Philipp Stampe

The Carnival of the Animals

Can you spot who has dressed up as which animal?

The bullfinch discovers a poster one morning with an announcement about the Carnival of the Animals – and the best costume will win a prize!

The news spreads like wildfire throughout the animal kingdom. With fervour, animal costumes are made and decorated with fur and feathers. The effect is amazing! Each animal gives tips in funny rhymes about its true identity and that of the fellow animal it has disguised itself as.

Can you guess who has dressed up as which animal? And who deserves the trophy for the best costume? You decide!

Südpol Verlag

Picture Book

Original title: Karneval der Tiere
Age 4+
84 pp | € 24
hc | 254 x 254 mm
Publication: 2022

Author & Illustrator : Philipp Stampe 

All rights available


“Funny, ingenious and simply wonderful to watch AGAIN. The texts in rhyme are also magical, which are always something special for children.” – Meli @meli.krause

“The texts are written in rhyming verse […] They are catchy, cleverly thought out and sometimes really funny. Simply delightful […] The illustrations are simply ingenious.” – Lena Schröder, Fuddelknuddels Bücherregal Blog

“An incredibly lovingly designed book that brings generations together and is really great fun. A very big recommendation” – Martina Kösel, Mattis Bücherecke

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