Balthasar Bloodberg is a terrifying creature who rules the entire world! He lives in the vastest and deepest of all oceans, the almost infinite Pacific … well, in in all honesty Bobo, as he calls himself, is a leech and lives in an overgrown pool. To him this actually is his whole world, into which only sometimes, from heaven, so to speak, one or the other leg stalks. There are hairy legs, smooth legs, patterned ones, some with soft paws but also others with hooves or claws. But what do these animals look like above the surface of the water? Bobo can’t see that, but he has a lot of imagination …

Dorothee Schwab and Michael Stavarič have created a funny puzzle book in which you can try to recognize many animals by their legs and in which you can of course learn a lot about leeches. In particular that they are not actually disgusting at all. 

by Dorothee Schwab & Michael Stavarič

Luftschacht Verlag | hc | 52 pp | 210 x 228 mm | 5+

All rights available


[orgininal title: Balthasar Blutberg]