by Uwe Becker   zipfelmaus_3_titel_rgb_3D-8e7d6d4e

Mrs. Beehive’s garden plot contains a treasure: three ripe “Queen-of-Sheba pears. But the valuable pieces of fruit are in danger! Sam Stripe and his colleagues, bat Shakira, bumblebee Fiffi, Mole, Fatspider, Ali and the Flipflops must guard the pears.

This proves far from easy, as a circus has just pitched its tents nearby and to make matters worse, aunt Fee has come to visit and throws everything off balance with her orderliness. Soon the first pear is stolen! Will Sam Stripe and his friends manage to save the two remaining pears? Because one thing is crystal clear: if the pears disappear from the tree, they will all be expelled from their paradise-like garden. A tumultuous search for the thief begins …

Südpol Verlag | hc | 224 pp | 160 x 220 mm | with 55 b&w illustrations by Ina Krabbe | Oct 2014 | 8+

All rights available

[original title: Zipfelmaus und die Königin von Saba]