by Andreas Német & Hans-Christian Schmidt Gwendolin lr

Little Gwendolin is ill, she is running a temperature. And her tongue is bright red – children know what that’s like. Also dad saying “I will give you a cuddle. Drink your tea and sleep a little” will be familiar to children. With the tabs they can help Gwendolin to get well again: they can measure her temperature and help her drink her tea. And indeed: the following morning Gwendolin is already much better and energetically jumps out of bed!

The board book specialists Német and Schmidt from Dresden have succeeded in preparing a truly charming book that corresponds to the children’s world of experience. Children will love it just as much as it will help their parents to comfort them during an illness.

  • Leipzig Reading Compass 2013

Moritz Verlag | board | 12 pp | 16.5 x 21 cm | August 2012 | 2+

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[original title: Gwendolin Giraffenkind]