A comical story about a very busy bath

Pig has been looking forward to a lovely peaceful bath all day…

In come Sheep, then Cow and Horse.

They are very noisy!

But Pig finds a way to make them go away. Oink!

by David Elliot


  • Best 50 Kids Books 2018, The Listener (NZ)

“The narrative tension is perfect, the story universally relatable, and the cosy illustrations are hilarious for old and young.“ – The Sapling


“This picture book, Oink, achieves the most difficult feat of all – telling a story entirely in pictures…This is a great book to share with young readers, so they can provide their own running commentary.“ – The Source, Trevor Agnew


“Brilliantly illustrated. The facial images of all the animals are stunning and pigs contented smirk at the end is a gem.“ – Bob‘s Book Blog


“Pig is cute and his expressions are delightful and totally believable. You certainly can tell when he is frustrated with all the interruptions and the smile on his face when he finally gets the bath to himself is pure gold.“ – Book trailers for Kids and YA


“A little bit Mr Gumpy, some Mrs Large (Five Minutes’ Peace) and quite a bit of Elliot’s own Henry the pig, this bathroom interlude is the perfect story to share with a child just beginning to read. It has just enough text for the child to tell the story to an adult listener.” – Best 50 Kids Books 2018

Gecko Press | 32 pp | 240 x 180 mm | 2018 | 2+

All rights available, except Chinese