Christine Werner

Silver Rain Does Not Glitter

“Help, I need somebody!”

Emely loves quiz shows and especially loves watching them with her mother. For her, her mother is the “Queen of the Silver Rain”, or was. Because instead of answering questions, she’s more likely to raise them at the moment. Why does she sleep so much? Why does she often not get up in the morning? And how can Emely hide this from the neighbours, teachers and her best friend Mathis?

Christine Werner tackles the subject of parents’ addiction to pills sensitively, realistically and with lightness. Through Emely’s story, millions of children in Germany are given a narrative voice in this age group for the first time.


Middle Grade Fiction

Original title: Silberregen glitzert nicht
Age 11+
208 pp | € 16
hc | xx x xx mm
Publication: Feb 2023

Author: Christine Werner

All rights available


“Christine Werner describes the children’s lives and feelings with unprecedented ease and in respectful, appreciative language.” – Wiebke Schleser, Buchsegler Berlin

“A wild mixture of childish wit, strange brushwood in the head, a little everyday heroine, familial love and strong friendship. The most important message: You are not alone!” – Kristin Frank, social worker at KidKit

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