“Hurry up,“ says mum. “I‘ll be right there,“ says Peter. With a glance at her watch, the mother urges him to be quick. But Peter is detained by major sensations that demand his full attention: The beetle on the stairs, a thousand flying umbrellas in the summer air and the very friendly dog next door.

On thick cardboard pages Yvonne Hergane and Christiane Pieper act out the well-known and familiar scenes of dawdling and hurrying in rhymes and cheerful images.

Until mum suddenly understands—and lets her child give her back the time she thought had been lost. A stroke of luck for both!

by Christiane Pieper & Yvonne Hergane

Peter Hammer Verlag | board | 24 pp | 178 x 230 mm | 2+

All rights available


[original title: Später, sagt Peter]