Juri fliegt zu den SternenJuri has finished his rocket and together with his sausage dog Laika sets out on his first flight into space. Everything seems perfect when they are suddenly drawn into an enormous storm in outer space. Having landed on an unknown star, they find that the rocket has been badly damaged. To make matters worse, they discover that the storm was caused by a giant monster who they need to steer well clear of. Will they be able to fix the rocket and leave the planet without attracting the monster’s attention?

A wonderful picture book for boys that deals with technics, being smart, ideas and companionship. It is a point in honour that in the end, the two astronauts manage a safe landing behind their house.

by Susanne Göhlich

“It is rare to find a true adventure story in a picture book. Susanne Göhlich’s humour and the dramatic art of the story are well balanced.” – NZZ

“A galactic adventure for all space fans!” – Olli und Molli

Moritz Verlag | hc | 40 pp | 216 x 286 mm | 2011 | 4+

Rights sold: Danish, Korean

[original title: Juri fliegt zu den Sternen]