A teemingly funny picture book about chaos and order

What a wonderful mess this is! Dozens of colourful tiny animals are bustling about the white pages. On two, four or more legs, with feathers, fins and tentacles. Scrawly and somehow in a good mood.

Then someone calls for a bit of order: Please queue up nicely, one behind the other! Already the animals form the long line. They find they enjoy this and seem to be docile. Beetle with dots, birds, snails and all sorts of mammals are sorting themselves on the page by acclamation. By size, by color, by the number of their legs, by boys and girls (the snail hesitates at that). This works until suddenly they all agree: now that‘s enough!

Ann Cathrin Raab draws her witty creatures with pen, ink and summery colours. And with sympathy for everyone who breaks ranks.

by Ann Cathrin Raab

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 32 pp | 240 x 230 mm | 2018 | 3+

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified), Danish


[original title: SorTIERbuch]