The Thing About No. 8

by Tobias Krejtschi & Harriet Grundmann  Sache mit Nr 8

We already know Lina and the sheep who help her to fall asleep every night. Especially sheep no. 5, which is
actually a wolf. A wolf, however, that nobody is scared of, because he’s as gentle as a lamb.
As Lina once again lies in bed and counts her sheep jumping over her bed, something drips onto her hand. It is sheep no. 5 – the wolf – he’s crying! He tells her of a nasty letter: a pack of wolves is threatening to attack. Because of something that happened way back during the time that sheep no. 5 was still a wolf.
The herd is shocked. Is there something shady about the wolf’s past? But Lina, as smart and hands-on as ever, convinces the sheep to trust the wolf and to defend him. They sew ragged wolf frocks and practice howling. This is how they will put the real wolves to flight!
An enthralling and yet funny picture book story that tackles fear without hesitation and simply laughs it away at the end. Tobias Krejtschi’s sheep, of which none is like the other, are once again a pleasure to look at, for adults as much as children!

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 32 pp | 300 x 217 mm| 2013 | 4+

All rights available

[original title: Die Sache mit Nummer 8]

Sheep No. 5

by Tobias Krejtschi & Harriet Grundmann   Fünfte Schaf

Every evening Lina is counting sheep to fall asleep. Suddenly she notices that one of them is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing – in the true sense of the word! He is wearing a pullover and a cap made of wool. The wolf has to account for his deceit. He tries to convince Lina and the sheep, who naturally are very frightened, that he only wants to live a sheep’s life and that he has no
evil intentions. Lina and the sheep finally believe him and are happy to have a strong protector in him.
An amusing book about how to get rid of fear and mistrust.

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 24 pp | 300 x 217 mm | 2008 | 4+

Rights sold: Afrikaans, Russian

[original title: Das fünfte Schaf]