An expedition through the famous Spanish artist’s world …

Find out what makes Miró such a prolific artist! Was this famous Spanish artist especially fond of certain colours? What does Surrealism mean and how can we identify it in his art?

by Britta Benke

  • For curious children who love to draw and paint
  • Wonderful exploration of art: Provides knowledge, a feeling for epochs and their representatives
  • Includes suggestions for creative activities

Benke challenges the imagination and along the way she introduces the imagery, the colour palette and thought world of the painter.  – Die Welt

Picasso once learnt from children, here children find their way to Picasso. – Die Zeit


Kindermann Verlag | hc | 44 pp | 220 x 260 mm | 7+

Rights sold: Chinese (simpl.)

[original title: Wer ist eigentlich dieser Miró?]

Published in the series: Children Discover Art