kalt_blaest_der_windHer father used to show Malena the colourful side of life. But since he has passed away there is only one colour left: the grey that her deeply depressive mother spreads. To the rest of the world, Malena tries to maintain the pretence of an unimpaired and normal everyday life.

However, an unexpected letter unhinges everything: Malena secretly has to try to find answers. Her journey into the past creates new friendships and even cautious optimism, but the secrets surrounding her family are dark enough to even turn the grey into black. It is only when she fully understands everything that she will be able to help herself and her mother.

by Michaela Holzinger

Obelisk | hc | 220 pp | 2016 | 12+

All rights available

[original title: Kalt bläst der Wind]