The little big book of opposites

Opposites attract: Short and long, black and white, but also up and down, light and heavy, and rusty and shiny.

Sabine Lohf took 50 opposite pairings and used her wonderful artistic means to create a thick little book that children will love to leaf through, again and again. Furthermore, she stimulates their creativity. At the same time, Weak or Strong? is a clever tool to improve language skills because who knows the opposite of spiky? Or of alone?

by Sabine Lohf

“I only make books that I come up with all by myself – everything has to come out of one person.” Sabine Lohf

“The perfect liaison between language training and crafting fun.” – Stiftung Lesen

Moritz Verlag | board | 106 pp | 140 x 140 mm | 2017 | 2+

All rights available


[original title: Schwach oder stark?]