THE CRAZY INVENTORS HUT SERIES (The stain remover spray)

« Der verrückte Erfinderschuppen Serie. Das Ruckzuck-weg-Spray » Lena Hach & Daniela Kulot Mixtvision, Germany 152pp 8+

This time, the trio has to save Walter. From his more than strict parents. If he comes home with stains on his shirt, they will turn crazy! It is crystal clear: They have to invent a good stain remover. So the three kids set up a proper laboratory in their shed and start mixing as if their lives depend on it. The end result isn’t quite what they had planned … but it’s genius nevertheless. Because suddenly all their problems vanish into thin air. In no time at all! In the fifth adventure, Lena Hach leads Fred and his inventor friends into the exciting an surprising world of chemistry. And as usual, lots of humor and excitement are guaranteed!

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