The moon – near yet unreachable – captivates our gaze and focuses our desires. But who would have thought that it is just the same the other way round? That there is a man, his wife and a child in the Moon, looking down to Earth and yearning just the same? This is what it is like in this story by Jürg Schubiger, who has quite a lot to tell about the people up there, even if he is wondering about a few things himself. We learn what the family in the Moon has for breakfast and how they ‘watch television’ in the evenings by looking at the bright blue planet. The woman in the Moon knows about a lot of things: sausages and fresh bread, black forest cake and snowmen. “Heaven only knows how she knew all of this.” The child in the Moon gradually develops a great longing for Earth. And then comes a day when it simply takes off …. Aljoscha Blau’s magnificent illustrations show us what it looks like on the Moon. He immerses the strangely quiet moon life in a white light and thus gives it an unearthly enchantment. One of the miracles to be found on the Moon is made tangible in a sensational manner: it is a raven with gleaming feathers that flies past with hardly a stroke of its wings, the blue planet far behind it in the black sky. “Heaven only knows where the bird came from”, the narrator wonders. And we marvel at the force of these images that shift freely between dream and reality.

by Aljoscha Blau & Jürg Schubiger


  • Winner of the Pied Piper Literature Award 2014
  • Selected as one of the “7 Best Books for Children”

Peter Hammer Verlag | picture book | hc | 24 pp | 240 x 290 mm | Feb 2013 | 5+

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified)


[original title: Das Kind im Mond]