In the deep of the night, a huge storm suddenly rises at sea and threatens to capsize a ship with Italian noblemen. They expect to drown, but the ship remains intact and miraculously reaches a mysterious island. This is where the mighty wizard Prospero reigns over the spirits, the winds and the water. It is soon clear that the storm was not a coincidence, but had been planned by Prospero. But why did he ignite the storm? What is his motive?

Barbara Kindermann compellingly renarrates one of the best known works of Shakespeare for children and thus creates a magical fairy-tale full of spook and sorcery.

Sonja Wimmer’s atmospheric illustrations immediately captivate young and old readers alike and brings the spirits to life.

retold by Barbara Kindermann & illustrated by Sonja Wimmer

Kindermann Verlag | hc | 36 pp | 220 x 300 mm | 2019 | 7+

All rights available

[original title: Der Sturm nach William Shakespeare]

Published in the series: World Literature for Children