Zitronengelb lr

This is not just a book about colours. Sabine Lohf introduces the reader to 51 shades of colour; with numerous photographs, collages and engaging illustrations. A fire engine isn’t just red, it’s fiery red, of course! Just as much as a mouse is mouse grey and cherries cherry-red.

The photos and images are very entertaining and even the youngest readers will easily relate to them and be captivated by their charm.

by Sabine Lohf 

“Sabine Lohf enchants the reader with imaginatively conceived collages and home-made items, manufactured from various materials … A unique concept that succeeds with wordplay and creativity all round.” – leser-welt.de

  • Leipzig Reading Compass 2014
  • Recommended by Stiftung Lesen

Moritz Verlag | board | 108 pp | 140 x 136 mm | Aug 2013 | 2+

All rights available

[original title: Zitronengelb und Feuerrot]