Journalist Christine Schulz-Reiss takes the reader onto a journey to the life and times of  some of the most famous people in the world.

In the first book, Christine Schulz-Reiss tells the story of how the hot-headed son of a craftsman became on of the most important inventors in human history.

Klaus Ensikat´s illustrations masterfully bring to life Gutenberg and his contemporaries and transport readers back to the tumultuous times of the middle ages.

by Christine Schulz-Reiss & Klaus Ensikat

Published in the series: Children Discover Famous People


  • Book of the Month – March 2018
  • EMYS Non-Fiction Book Prize – July 2018

“After a brief introduction to the life and work of Gutenberg, the reader gets an insight into the late medieval workshop of the inventor of printing press and letters. Very lively and informative, the author tells the often unwelcome circumstances that eventually led to the printing of the famous Bibles. In easy-to-understand language, it brings to life the fate of Johannes Gutenberg.
On 35 pages, the reader learns how the impetuous son of a patrician became one of the most important inventors in world history. The special thing about it is that Gutenberg is described not only as an inventor, but in all his colorful character variety of life: on the one hand as inventive researcher and inventor, on the other hand as a bon vivant with often changing relationships, as a calculating merchant spirit up to the cold-blooded acting careerist.

The well-known illustrator Klaus Ensikat contributes the full-page illustrations, medieval figurines in the fashionable outfit of the time and book-painting vignettes. The masterful and beautiful portrayals bring little and big readers into the exciting and turbulent time of the Middle Ages, into the workshop of the master and into the living environment of his colleagues and opponents.”WIS Bildungsforum Potsdam

Kindermann Verlag | hc | 44 pp | 223 x 240 mm | 2018 | 8+

All rights available

[original title: Johannes Gutenberg und das Werk der Bücher]