Wär ich Pirat

Pirates curse, they eat red runner beans with onions and garlic and their farts are as loud as a clap of thunder. Leander knows that when he sails the seas one day he will also be as wild as a pirate every now and then.

His real life is far from exciting: speech therapy on Mondays, music lessons on Tuesdays, psychomotility on Wednesdays, English and archery on Thursdays and creativity training on Fridays. And school, of course. Leander only likes archery and the girl Ellie who he’d love to meet up with to play one day. At home mum is busy with the baby, dad works late and Leander is considerate of everyone else.
“For God’s sake!” – only pirates would shout something like that. But Leander is only in the second class and no pirate yet. When things get too much for him one day, he starts walking along the river twards  the sea –  on and on.
And while Leander dreams of faraway worlds, the adults are suddenly wide awake!

by Karin Koch & André Rösler

  • Winner of the Children’s Book Prize NRW 2013

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 48 pp | 2012 | 8+

All rights available

[original title: Wär ich Pirat]