HerzsteineIt’s a lot to ask: Sam is to go to school on the island of Sylt – far from his home town and friends. Sam’s mother Fe is the reason for the family’s move. Fe comes from Rwanda and fled her country during the genocide that took place 17 years ago. Her trauma has now caught up with her and she is in danger of getting seriously ill. The family hopes that living on the island will be good for her.

Sam is not the only odd one out at the new school and he’s impressed with how Enna bears the continuous mockery with calm self-confidence. They get close, but once again, Sam is swept away. This time, to Rwanda where he finally learns who is mother really is.

by Hanna Jansen

“Superb!” – five out of five stars in the Bücher magazine

“A moving, sombre and beautiful story about the awareness of our roots.” – Wiebke Schleser, Der BuchSegler

“Hanna Jansen narrates Fe’s tragic story that carries a great ray of hope in a very emphatic and enthralling manner.” – Sandra Rudel, Buchhandlung Schmitz junior

“Hanna Jansen knows how to build suspense. Bit by bit does the reader find out who the voice behind the repeated narrations of a different life really is. Heartstones is a gripping book about a strong boy who finally dares to set out for a new beginning.” – Bücher 03/12

“[…] one of the outstanding young adult books this Spring. […] An unbelievably evocative book that gets under your skin.” – Berliner Morgenpost, March 2012

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 208 pp | 2012 | 14+

Rights sold: German (paperback rights)


[original title: Herzsteine]