2021: 500th Anniversary of Magellan and the Arrival of Christianity

Being the initiator of the first circumnavigation of the globe, Ferdinand Magellan is among the most famous sailors of all time. His legendary journey of discovery is a story of determination and breaking  new grounds. The Portuguese Captain set sail in 1419 to conquer the sought-after Molucca Island from the west, overcoming literal and imaginary horizons of the time. Which dangers did this daring voyage have in store? How did the unimaginable mission become reality?

In the third volume of the series Children Discover Famous People, the author Christine Schulz-Reiss narrates the historical events in a visual and captivating manner and thus takes young and old readers alike on an adventurous voyage. By each stroke of his pen, Klaus Ensikat captures the great adventure with an unmistakable love of detail.

by Klaus Ensikat & Christine Schulz-Reiss

Kindermann Verlag | hc | 44 pp | 240 x 295 mm | Sept 2020 | 8+

All rights available except for Simplified Chinese

[original title: Fernando Magellan – einmal um die ganze Welt]