Ede und die ErdmannbandeEde and his four siblings and mum live in a much too small, yet very cosy house. One evening a sly fellow with a motorbike and a trash can knocks
on their door and introduces himself as their granddad. Everyone is suspicious, but granddad brought them presents – and particularly those that
they have been wishing for for a long time! So granddad is allowed to stay.
Ede can nevertheless shake the feeling that something isn’t quite right. Granddad acts as if he was on the run and doesn’t let his trash can out of
sight. When a sleazy red jackal moves into the neighbours’ house, granddad gets even more nervous.
But why?

Dynamic, suspense-packed and funny—two richly illustrated crime stories for children with the perfect balance between text and images for first readers.

by Simone Klages

“Extraordinary illustrations with many whacky ideas, razor-toothed heroes with a lot of identification potential for all kinds of readers. Short chapters and a suspense-packed plot will enthrall first readers.”— Stiftung Lesen

  • Recommended by Stiftung Lesen
  • First Reader of the Month – July 2014, Borromäus Verein

Moritz Verlag | hc | 96 pp | 150 x 218 mm | 2014 | 6+

All rights available

[original titles: Ede und die Erdmannbande]