Claudia Gliemann & Ann Cathrin Raab

Daddy's Soul Has Caught a Cold - Daddy's Colourful Bridge

Papas Seele_Papas bunte Bruecke

After the success of the multiple award-winning picture book Papas Seele hat Schnupfen (Daddy’s Soul Has Caught a Cold) for children aged six and up, children’s author Claudia Gliemann now presents Papas Seele hat Schnupfen – Papas bunte Brücke (Daddy’s Soul Has Caught a Cold – Daddy’s Colourful Bridge), a version for children aged four and up.

Nele’s father – a famous rope artist – becomes sadder and sadder as time goes by and Nele wonders if she is to blame for her father’s sadness.
Her mother and Silly August explain to Nele that her father has an illness. An illness of the soul.
A book about sad and happy days. About bridges. And also about how important it is to be there for each other.

Lovingly illustrated with a lot of humour by Ann Cathrin Raab.

Monterosa Verlag

Picture Book

Original title: Papas Seele hat Schnupfen – Papas bunte Brücke
Age 4+
62 pp | € 19.80
hc | 222 x 305 mm
Publication: 2022

Author: Claudia Gliemann
Illustrator: Ann-Cathrin Raab

All rights available


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